Which Airlines Provide Inflight Oxygen?

Air travel is a delightful experience that offers everyone an opportunity to learn about new places, cultures, and much more. However, for some individuals, the journey at the high feet comes with more serious problems than just choosing a window seat. For passengers with respiratory medical conditions, the query of an in-flight oxygen facility can be a thought-about concern.

However, the good news is that some airlines understand the need for oxygen equipment during travel and allow sick flyers to move freely around the world. Want to know which airlines are up for in-flight oxygen service? If yes, you are just a scroll away! Check out how these airlines are helping everyone to fly in the fresh air and explore new heights.

Top 10 Airlines Which Offer Onboard Oxygen Services or Allow POC

Several airlines have recognized the special medical needs of the flyers and offer inflight oxygen services to make the sky accessible for those who thought it was out of reach.

Here is the list of the top 10 airlines that offer in-flight oxygen or permit portable oxygen concentrators on their flights:

1. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a well-known carrier in the United States that supports passengers with medical needs. The airline allows them to fly with their oxygen concentrator, which the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approves. Passengers can inform the airline’s staff about their POC at least 72 hours prior to their flights so they can make the arrangements properly.

In addition, you have to submit the medical documentation to the reservation team while checking in for the flight. Moreover, if you have already booked your flight, you can add oxygen service to your plans. Visit Southwest Airlines’ official website to learn more!

2. Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is the low-cost option for passengers seeking an oxygen facility on board. The airline permits passengers to use FAA-approved portable oxygen equipment during their air tour. Passengers of Frontier flights must notify the airline’s staff about POC 48 hours in advance. To get more clearance about the guidelines, you must visit the medical devices section of Frontier Airlines’ website. Always ensure that your device battery is charged fully, with enough power to work for 150% of your travel time.

3. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is the 5th largest airline in North America, and it serves people to various destinations. The airline aims to make the air tour possible for everyone, even for flyers with respiratory needs. Passengers need to verify the name and model of their POC to carry it on the flights.

You must be aware of the device’s operation as the airline does not provide any training for its usage. Alaska staff recommends carrying an extra battery during the journey. You must note that the device must be approved as safe to carry on board by the medical authorities.

4. Hawaiian Airlines 

Hawaiian Airlines is the largest commercial flight operator, carrying more than 10 million guests annually. It permits the use of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) and nebulizers on its spacious flights. Your POC must have a specific manufacturer’s label and match the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards.

While checking in, you must submit a POC Use form or a Physician statement at the counter. This document, with your signature, confirms that you have the ability to operate the POC on board as per the cabin pressure conditions. Before your flight departs, ensure your device is in good working condition. For further details, refer to the Hawaiian Airlines official website.

5. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is also on the list of airlines that allow customers with breathing medical conditions to fly safely and comfortably. The airline stands out for its approach to in-flight oxygen services. However, the airline doesn’t offer the opportunity to bring the oxygen tanks on board; instead, it allows FAA-approved POC.

Passengers are required to inform the management team at least 48 hours before departure and need to submit the POC Approval if they are flying with oxygen. Remember that the airline will not count POC as a carry-on item. It is best to check with the customer agents of Alaska Airlines to get more clarification on the guidelines.

6. United Airlines

To manage the respiratory needs of valuable passengers, United Airlines permits people to carry portable oxygen concentrators on flights. However, there are specific rules you need to follow during your travel. United Airlines also offers onboard medical oxygen at additional prices on its flights between Guam and Honolulu, Palau, Manila, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands. All you need to do is inform the airline staff 48 hours before departure. Don’t forget to bring a printed copy of the medical request form.

7. KLM Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the Netherlands flag carrier that is awarded 5-star ratings by its passengers. The airline says you can bring your medical equipment, including POC, only if the healthcare professional prescribes it. Whether you are bringing your own oxygen device or requesting the service from the airline, you must contact the customer team at least 48 hours before your flight departs. Passengers are requested to fill out the form in both cases. Check the official website of KLM for more updates.

8. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines serves sick travelers to many destinations with utmost safety and care. If you require an oxygen facility on board, you have the option to request it by getting in touch with their officials. You are advised to inform them about 48 hours prior to your departure. Those who are planning to carry their own personal respirator/POC device must ensure that it meets the standards set by the FAA.

9. Air Canada

Air Canada, the largest airline in Canada, permits flyers with respiratory problems to fly to their dream destination with ease. The airline does not offer oxygen service, but it allows the use of specific personal portable oxygen concentrators that meet their terms and conditions. You can request the staff for early boarding so you can avoid the traveler’s crowd. You must visit their official website for better clarification.

10. Emirates

Emirates is known for the luxurious amenities it offers to its honorable clients during their trips. Onboard, the airlines offer the therapeutic oxygen service free of cost. Passengers in need of the facility can notify the staff at least 48 hours ahead of their journey and complete the details on the medical form so they can accommodate your needs. Moreover, you can travel with your POC if it is permitted to be used on flights.

Other Airlines Allowing Portable Oxygen Concentrators on Flights

Here are a few more airlines to help you check which airlines permit portable oxygen concentrators (POC) on board:

Aegean AirlinesAvianca AirlinesLufthansa
Aer LingusBritish AirwaysQantas
Allegiant AirChina Southern AirlinesRyanair
Air ChinaContinental AirlinesSingapore Airlines
Air IcelandEasyJetSouth African Airways
Air New ZealandAll Nippon AirwaysWestJet Airlines
Air MaltaIberiaSun Country
Air Tahiti NuiJapan AirlinesSwiss Airlines
Alaska AirlinesJet BlueAir France

Wrapping It Up!

Hopefully, now you know that flying with oxygen is a cakewalk. The airlines have made it accessible to passengers with lung or respiratory diseases. If you are planning to fly with your oxygen equipment, remember to check out the rules and regulations set by the airline you choose to fly with. Travelers are also advised to consult with their doctor before departure to avoid any mishaps during their trips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are passengers allowed to bring portable oxygen on board?

You are only permitted to carry your oxygen device on board if your equipment meets the requirements of the airline you are flying with.

Can I fly with an oxygen tank on flights?

As per the rules of the FAA (Federation Aviation Administration), people are not allowed to travel with oxygen tanks due to safety concerns.

Is it possible to take an oxygen concentrator as checked baggage on flights?

Yes. Several airlines permit travelers to bring their portable oxygen concentrators along with them on board. Always remember to charge its battery fully before the departure.

What airlines allow portable oxygen concentrators on their flights?

There are a number of airlines that welcome passengers with portable oxygen concentrators (POC), namely:
1) Southwest Airlines
2) Frontier Airlines
3) Alaska Airlines
4) Hawaiian Airlines 
5) Delta Airlines, etc.

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