What to Wear on an International Flight?

One thing is almost always the same, whether heading to Miami for the weekend or packing for an overnight flight to France: you should wear layers while traveling by air. Breathable layers, such as a cover-up or cardigan, can help you control your body temperature and stay comfortable throughout the journey, regardless of the weather in your final destination.

Comfort is also essential when deciding what to wear on a plane, but you shouldn’t appear in your jammies. International travelers hoping to get a good night’s sleep consider loungewear and athleisure. Still, business travelers should stick to soft, flexible pieces that appear more put together and can be worn right out of the plane to a meeting.

We’ve compiled a list of rules for what to wear on an airplane for every kind of journey and passenger, from beach vacations to lengthy international flights. This manual provides outfit ideas for comfortable air trips without discomfort or confusion.

Things to Wear When Flying Internationally

Are you landing early in the morning in Paris? On an overnight flight, you should choose comfortable clothing that will allow you to sleep through the night—unless you’re in business class, in which case pajamas are provided.

You should also bring some cozy underwear and a travel bra. Wayre is a travel-friendly brand whose loungewear sets are made to make traveling easier. They are elastic, packable, and available in various vibrant colors so that you can change your look.

Being comfortable is the ultimate goal while going on an international trip, and it is essential to have a particular set of clothes that makes you feel like flying amidst the clouds. Here, we’ve curated a list of clothes you can wear on an international air trip to help you have a smooth and easy ride through the clouds.

What to Wear on Long Haul Flights?

These are some of the best outfits for airplane travel or an international air journey.

Type Of ClothesBrand
Button Up Crop and Cruiser PantWayre
Jogger PantAthleta Farallon
Tank TopReformation Tasha Tank
Square-Toe Water Repellant Ankle BootsVivaia
Tote BagAny brand

Wayre Button Up Crop and Cruiser Pant

The clothes of this brand are super comfy and designed with the traveler’s comfort in mind. The pieces can be mixed and matched to form new combinations, and the Cruiser Pants are the best with their wide-legged look. It matches all kinds of tops, and you can try it with the Wayre Botton Up Crop as it gives quite a chic look together.

You can see these crop tops and cruiser pants in several shapes, sizes, and colors, from 2X to 3X. The pants are made of very soft cloth with an elastic waistband, so you can have a comfortable overnight flight without getting irritated by the clothes.

One of the most attractive features of the pants is that they are wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t have to worry much about ironing them frequently to look neat. The cloth is silky and antimicrobial, which significantly helps as it doesn’t occupy too much space in the bag and remains fresh for extended periods. Both the pants and button-up crop top have secret pockets to keep the phone and wallets and to safeguard against potential pickpockets.

Athleta Farallon Jogger Pant

Joggers are an excellent option for lengthy trips. They combine the coziness and comfort of sweatpants with the carefree yet polished aesthetic of athleisure clothing. They keep you away from any discomfort caused by the tightness of the denim or the pressure of the waistband. The Athleta Farallon Jogger is made of organic cotton and spandex, which gives it the perfect amount of stretch without sticking to your skin. It has a tapered silhouette.

Thanks to the fabric blend’s breathability and lightweight, you won’t overheat, whether sprinting to make a connection or sitting during a 12-hour journey. Two back and deep side pockets allow you to store your necessities neatly.

You can machine wash these, so you won’t have to worry about finding a dry cleaner when traveling. They are comfortable and matched with almost all kinds of upper wear. They are even gender-neutral so you can share them with your mother, wife, brother, father, siblings, etc.

Reformation Tank Top

Next on the list is the super trendy Reformation Tank Top that has the power to go with everything in your suitcase. You don’t need to worry about the combination because it will go anything. You can either pair it with denim jeans and sneakers or toss it with a beautiful slit skirt and heels. The cloth is super comfy, and you’ll not feel the tightness at all. It is best to wear on long-haul international flights.

The brand focuses on producing environmentally friendly clothes, and the tank tops are designed in the US using organic cotton and spandex for stretch. They are super soft on the skin and come in different traveler-friendly shades, including black, white, and dark olive. You can try this top and wear it on your upcoming travels.

Vivaia Square-Toe Water Repellent Ankle Boots

These boots are the best footwear option you can wear on your international flights. They are a must because of their travel-friendly qualities, including built-in solid arch support, super soft cushioned insoles, and grippy outsole. It has a breathable outer body, and the most important thing is its water-resistant construction. There is no need to worry about getting your shoes wet as these boots will face it like a warrior and protect your feet from getting wet and messy.

The boots have a stretchy upper ankle, are stink-proof, and are designed with shock-absorption quality so that travelers can wear them for a very long duration without discomfort or pain. We adore that they are breathable and provide ankle coverage, making them perfect for shoulder seasons.

However, what truly makes them stand out is their water-resistant fabric, which allows them to be used as rainboots in mild weather. Although they cannot be machine washed, they are relatively simple to spot clean, especially in darker tones.

Tote Bag

Lastly, carry a tote or side bag to keep your wallet, mobile chargers, and other frequently used belongings. If you’re traveling with a baby, these tote bags are a blessing, as you’ll need something or the other for the baby, including diapers, food, toys, wet wipes, etc. You can get a tote bag of any brand according to your budget.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned a lot about the type of clothes to wear on an airplane, it is time to make a calculated decision and pack your luggage. Proper clothes are essential as they decide how comfortable you will be on your air trip. You can select your desired outfit from the above mentioned options and make your international air trip successful.

More to Ask & Say!

What do you wear on long-haul flights to look stylish?

You have many styling options, from a Button-up Crop with Cruiser Pants to joggers with a tank top.

What should you wear for long-haul international fights?

You can style yourself in different clothes. The blog mentions all of them, and you can check them out.

What type of shoes should I wear on a plane?

You can choose breathable footwear, like Slip-on shoes, which are comfortable and don’t make your feet sweaty. Check out the blog for the shoe recommendation.

Should I wear joggers on an international flight?

Yes, you can wear joggers on an international trip as they’re super comfortable, and the elastic waistband doesn’t make you feel constricted.

What should I not wear on an airplane journey?

Avoid wearing open-toed shoes, as your feet may get dirty or cold. You should also avoid wearing tight clothes, which can constrict you.

Does the airline have a dress code for passengers?

No, airlines don’t have a dress code for passengers, but you should try to dress appropriately according to your comfort and style.

Can I wear shorts on an international flight?

It all depends on your comfort and style, but try to wear something that keeps you warm in long-haul flights, as it can be cold inside an aircraft.

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