The Royal Jordanian Baggage Allowance Policy Explained

If your needs and requirements are the basis for packing your bag for departure, then it is not the right way to travel happily. You must be aware of the Royal Jordanian baggage allowance policy. It is important to know as it helps to give an overview of how and where your luggage will be carried from takeoff to touchdown and handed over to you.

You should know the baggage allowance based on your cabin class and requirements, as even slight carelessness can cause you to leave important stuff on the ground at the airport. You must be aware of the number of pieces, weight, and dimension restrictions that are allowed to be carried on the flight.

The stuff you carry while navigating the airport is classified into two categories: checked baggage and carry-on baggage. You must know which of your possessions falls in which category so that they can be part of your journey without any mess.

Today, we are going to provide information regarding Royal Jordanian Airlines baggage allowance so that you can pack your bag effectively and travel freely while enjoying music at your preferred seat on the flight.

Royal Jordanian Baggage Allowance for Carry On and Checked Luggage

The guidelines for carrying luggage for air travel depend on two categories: checked baggage and carry-on baggage. Checked baggage is material that you can carry on the journey but not inside the flight, while carry-on baggage includes materials that you can carry inside the flight.

Carry On Baggage

What you carry in carry-on baggage depends on your cabin class. If you are a cabin class member, you can carry two pieces with you, and if you are in economy class, you are allowed to carry only one piece inside the flight.

Carry On Baggage

There are also restrictions on the weight and dimensions of the stuff that you will carry on the flight. The maximum dimension for a single item is 23x41x51 cm (9x16x20) in inches, and the total limit of the three dimensions of a single item must not be more than 115 cm (145 inches). Dimensions include side pockets, handles, wheels, etc.

Along with these other items, you are also allowed to be in front of your seat, which is mentioned below:-

  • Binoculars (Pair)
  • Braces and Crutches
  • Small Camera
  • Books and Magazines to read
  • Laptop
  • Walking Stick and Umbrella

Checked Baggage

Royal Air Jordanian Baggage Allowance depends on the notion of piece, travel destination, and class. You can check the details below and carry the luggage according to the provided information.

Checked Baggage
Travel classTo/from North America and between Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, Amman, and Abu DhabiTo/from Saudi Arabia and Cairo KhartoumRest all destinations
Economy class2 Pieces (individual should be weight up to 23 kg)1 Piece (should weigh up to 23 kg) 1 Piece (weight should be up to 30 kg)
Crown class2 Pieces (individual should weigh up to 32 kg)2 Pieces (individual should weigh up to 32 kg)1st Piece (weight should be up to 30 kg)
2nd Piece (wait, should be up to 23 kg)

Royal Jordanian Extra Baggage Charges

The guidelines for additional baggage are the same for both the crown and economy classes. The maximum weight limit for additional pieces is 23 kg. If any piece of stuff exceeds the weight limit of 23 kg and rises to 32 kg, then overweight baggage fees will be applied to it.

If an oversized bag measures over the limit of 158 cm and goes up to 203 cm (80 inches), an additional fee will be applied to all additional charges for baggage that fails to fulfill the airline’s baggage measures. This fee will be equivalent to the excess baggage fee paid for the first additional piece, which is payable at the airport.

Below, we have mentioned the baggage fees for destinations other than North America as per the instructions in extra baggage guidelines of Royal Jordanian Airlines. Go through all the details and check out the price and weight.

Weight/USDDestinationsAdditional Fee
23 kg – 140 USDTo/from the United Kingdom110 GBP
Middle east-far East and Middle East- middle east130 USD
Far East- Far East90 USD
To/from Australia200 USD
23 kg – 250 USDTo/from the United Kingdom200 GBP
Far East- Far East150 USD
To/from Australia300 USD
Overweight 23-32 kg50 USD

Excess Baggage Fees To/From North America

Below, we have mentioned the fees for the extra baggage that will be carried out with the flight to or from North America. You can also check the excess Royal Jordanian international baggage allowance fees if your next arrival and departure is going to be conducted from North America:-

  1. First and second extra pieces of baggage (weight up to 23 kg) – 200 USD
  2. Third and fourth extra pieces of baggage (weight up to 23 kg) – 275 USD
  3. Additional pieces of baggage (weight up to 23 kg) – 400 USD
  4. Overweight piece (weight between 23-32 kg) – 100 USD

Guidebook to Carry Sports Equipment/Musical Instruments

If you are looking to carry your sports equipment and musical instruments along with the flight that you have booked with Royal Jordanian Airlines, then you are required to look at all the information mentioned below to carry the stuff carefully without creating any mess:-

For Musical Instruments

All the passengers who are going to carry musical instruments with them can look at all the guidelines regarding it, which are mentioned below:-

  • The airline will not take responsibility for any instrument that is not kept in a hard, hard-sided case and breaks due to its delicate nature.
  • If you have small musical instruments, you can easily carry them, but they must meet the carry-on size guidelines and fit inside the overhead bin or under the seat. The dimensions of the case must not exceed 115 cm/45 inches.
  • Because of its size, the guitar is excluded from this guideline, but the passenger is totally allowed to carry it if he/she is able to sit comfortably and safely in the overhead bin.
  • If the instrument you are carrying along with you inside the flight is too big, you can purchase an additional seat.
  • That is why it is advised that the passenger in the adjoining seat have a bulkhead window seat.
  • The musical instrument that you are carrying inside the flight will be considered an allowed carry-on bag. If you are carrying any personal item, then it will be allowed in addition to the instruments.

For Sports Equipment

All the athletes or other passengers who are planning to carry sports equipment along with their luggage are required to have a look at the guidelines below:-

  • The Royal Jordanian baggage allowance will include bowling equipment, such as one bowling bag and one pair of bowling shoes (one) of 158 cm size. If the equipment exceeds the limit, it will be charged.
  • If you are carrying equipment that holds one landing net, a pair of fishing boots, one reel, two rods, and a single fishing tackle box, all the items will be considered as a single piece at 158 cm. There are additional charges for the single piece; it does not matter if they are presented as a single piece or not.
  • If you are carrying one golf bag, which includes golf balls and a pair of golf shoes, it will be considered a free checked baggage allowance. If it overrides the limit, you will be charged 50% applicable excess baggage charges.
  • The scuba diving equipment that you will carry must include one tank harness, one empty scuba tank, one mask, one scuba regulator, one snorkel, two fins, and one safety vest.
  • One single item of scuba diving equipment will be considered in free checked baggage. One section of the luggage that has an outside linear dimension of 158 cm will be charged extra, no matter if you have represented it as a single piece or not.
  • If you are carrying a racing or motorized single-seat bicycle, it will be included in the free checked baggage allowance. If it overrides the limit, charges will be applied.

Sum Up!

Be careful when you are packing your bag for departure and arrival with Royal Jordanian Airlines, as a single mistake can make you tense and create a mess in the air journey. You can carefully check the guidelines that we have elaborated for carrying the luggage and charges for extra baggage. For more details you can connect with the airline staff through customer care or via chat or email to better understand the baggage allowance on Royal Jordanian.

People May Also Ask

Do I have to pay the charges if I exceed the weight limit of carry-on baggage?

Yes, there are particular charges for exceeding the weight limit of the baggage. If you exceed the limit, then you will have to pay the charges.

Do the charges of exceeding the limit of the size of carry-on baggage and checked baggage be different?

Yes, on the basis of size, the charges for both kinds of baggage are different.

Is it allowed to carry the sports equipment in checked baggage?

Yes, but you must follow the guidelines for checked baggage at Royal Jordanian Airlines.

My bag weighs between 23 and 32 kg. Will it be considered overweight, and will I have to pay charges for it?

Yes, overweight bags weigh between 23 kg and 32 kg, and you are required to pay 100 USD.

How many cabin classes are there on Royal Jordanian Airlines?

There are 2 cabin classes of Royal Jordanian: economy class and crown class.

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