How much Liquor can I carry in an International Flight?

It would not be a preplanned decision, but now, if you want to include liquors and alcohol in your luggage to carry to your homeland, then you are at the correct place to know the solution. Many passengers think about how they can have the liquor bottles with them. Should they keep them in checked baggage or carry-on bags?

What should be the exact quantity of the liquor, and is there any restriction on carrying alcohol? You can easily find all the answers to your queries here without compromising your desires. Go through all the rules and regulations mentioned below to figure out how much liquor I can carry on international flight safely, either during departure or arrival.

How you can Carry Alcohol in Checked Baggage?

Alcohol on international flights is a matter of stress unless and until you are unaware of the rules of carrying it. Once you know how to do so, you can bring it hassle-free. Before initiating the discussion on how you can bring alcoholic beverages, you must know the difference between checked baggage and carry-on.

This way, you can carry the travel liquor bottles perfectly. As per the airport regulations, you are allowed to carry alcohol between the range of 24% to 70%, including 95% grain alcohol and 150-proof rum. According to TSA, alcoholic drinks with an amount of 24% alcohol do not come under the matter of limitations. However, beverages carrying alcohol above the range of 70% are not allowed in either carry-on or checked baggage.

When you are carrying liquor, you must carry it carefully to save it from damage and mess. Look at the precautions below for how you can carry them properly:-

  • When you are carrying liquor, wrap it in bubble wrap before putting it inside the luggage.
  • You can also keep the bottles inside warm clothes, such as socks or sweater arms. This will provide more protection for them.
  • Before carrying the bags, you must use sealed bags and leak proof caps for extra protection.
  • You are allowed to take a maximum of 5 liters of alcohol that should carry alcohol content up to 24% to 70% (Per person)in checked luggage. It should be packed tightly in a flask or a sealed bottle.

Things to know before Carrying Liquor in Carry On

When you are carrying alcohol in carry-on bags, you should be aware of the mandatory guidelines. Per the TSA travel tip, you can only carry unopened alcohol bottles. Along with this, you don’t have to carry any proof limit for alcohol. So many of you would be thinking about how many liquor bottles are allowed on international flights in carry-on bags.

Then, you can carry around 3.4 ounces (100 ml) in the carry-on luggage, which is equal to a single bottle. When you are traveling with an airline, make sure to check the guidelines regarding spirits and alcohol. Along with this, you must be aware of the arrival country airport guidelines. This way, you can bring the alcohol bottles without any issues.

Note: You can consume the alcohol that is served on the flight by the airline employee but can not consume the alcohol that you have bought with yourself as it is prohibited.

How to Carry Duty-Free Alcohol on the Plane?

Carry Duty-Free Alcohol on the Plane

If you have purchased some alcohol from duty-free shops, you can look at the following details to know how to bring it carefully.

  • You must have a receipt for the alcohol you purchased to show that you purchased it within the last 48 hours.
  • You can request the retailer to seal the duty-free liquids in a tamper-evident bag.
  • The alcohol bag should not show signs of tampering at the time of screening by the TSA. At the time of security screening, it must be shown separately and should be accessible.
  • The alcohol that you have purchased should be from an international duty-free shop instead of a domestic one.

Thinking of Bringing Alcohol Into the USA – US Customs Border

If you are looking to bring alcohol to the US from another country, you can look at the piece of information given below to carry it carefully.

Declare the alcohol you are transporting on your customs form and pay the appropriate duty to the customs officer, typically around $1 to $2 for wine and beer, while the amount for spirits varies by type, as of publication.

The duties range on Liquor depending on the country of origin and alcohol content. However, even after paying the duty, your savings are still substantial.

Here are a few Examples of how inexpensive the duties are at US Customs:

  • Wine $0.35 a 750ml Bottle
  • Beer $1.25 a case of 24
  • Liquor (1Litre) $2-$3 (on average)”

Things you should Avoid While Packing Alcohol for a Plane

If you are thinking of bringing alcohol inside the plane, you must be very careful regarding its packing and nature. This way, you can avoid the mess that you can create for yourself and others. If you have spirits that contain an alcohol percentage between 24 to 70, they need to be carried very carefully, but if the spirit contains less than 24% amount of alcohol, then it is not a matter of regulations, as per the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Look at the tips below on how you can pack the spirits carefully for your and others’ safety.

Packing Alcohol for a Plane

1. Do Not Open the Wine Right After Arrival

If you are carrying wine with you, do not open it immediately after landing; wine gets affected by the pressure, motion, and frequency of the motion. So it’s unsafe to open it directly. Keep it aside for 48 hours after landing. After that, you can freely use it. Keep it standing so that the liquid can stay away from the cork.

2. Keep the Flimsy Materials Away

If you want to have your spirits in perfect condition without any damage, avoid the light and sensitive materials for packaging. You don’t get the idea how your stuff will be treated at the checked baggage. So, to avoid messy situations, you can pack the spirits with some thick and solid materials and bubble wraps to provide extra protection. You can also pack the liquors with clothes such as socks and sweaters to keep them from shaking and breaking.

3. Avoid Cellophane Tape

The liquid is delicate and just needs an opportunity to spread and create an undesired mess. To avoid such a situation, you can pack it carefully with thread seal tape and others to protect it from spilling. Do not use cellophane tape to pack the liquor while traveling; it does not provide 100% protection and can damage the bottle, too. This will keep the stuff safe without damaging its taste and odor.

4. Avoid Partially Consumed Bottle

If you have a partly consumed alcohol bottle, then do not keep it inside the checked luggage. Either pack an empty bottle or an unopened or sealed bottle. Such partially consumed bottles are prohibited to carry inside the flight. This can easily create problems for you. So only bring sealed spirits with you.

5. Do Not Bring Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks have a high risk of explosion because of the pressure exchange. If you carry them with your checked luggage, they can explode and create a mess for your and other luggage. Therefore, it is advised to avoid such carbonated drinks as checked-in luggage. You can consume such drinks before the flight or prevent them as part of your luggage.

A Final Outcome!

I hope you have received an idea of the rules and regulations on how you can carry liquor on an international flight. From quantity and nature to size, you should be aware of the basic nature of the liquid you are carrying with you. This way, you can carry your favorite alcoholic drinks without any issues and can keep them safe, too, throughout the journey.

General Queries!

Is alcohol-free on international flights?

It depends on the airline and type of cabin class you are traveling through.

What is the maximum alcohol percentage limit for liquor?

The maximum limit of alcohol percentage is 70%.

How many liquor bottles can we carry while traveling?

A maximum of 5 liters of liquor containing alcohol between 24% and 70% is allowed in checked luggage.

It is safe to bring carbonated drinks inside the checked luggage?

No, it is unsafe to carry carbonated drinks as they react with high temperatures and explode, damaging your luggage and others.

How can I keep the liquor safe while traveling by air?

You can pack the liquor in bubble wrap or socks and sweater arms. It provides maximum protection to the bottles from damage and leakage.

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