10 Best Airlines for International Travel to Europe

Planning to travel to Europe in 2024? Great Idea! But do you know that your journey will be more stress-free and enjoyable if you choose the best airlines for international travel to Europe? Yes, you heard it correctly! Simply doing this will help you travel without any hassle and provide a number of exceptional amenities, which will make it even more enjoyable and memorable.

But how do you find out what’s best for you and what’s not? If you are stuck in the same situation, then here’s the solution to your problem. We’ve scanned the web and discovered the top 10 best airlines to fly in Europe that will suit your requirements and give you the best flying experience!

10 Best Airlines for European Travel (2024)

Europe is known for its rich history, mouthwatering food & cuisines, remarkable architecture, and diverse culture. There’s no way to skip your plan to see the unmatchable beauty of Europe, including the charming canals of Venice and the fjords, Mountains, Forests, and Glaciers of Norway.

No matter whether you are a food lover, a seasoned traveler, or an adventure enthusiast, this place has something to offer to every single traveler. The below-mentioned list of airlines offers unimaginable services and top-class facilities that will make you feel awesome. Stick till the end of the page and choose the best airlines for Europe flights for you:

1. Lufthansa Airlines

Whenever you travel to Europe, one name that comes to mind is “Lufthansa Airlines.” This is because the airline offers the ultimate flying experience and exceptional services to all its passengers from around the globe. Whether you book the cheapest fares or travel with Lufthansa, you will witness the premium experience inside the cabin and at the airport.

It is a German airline and is considered one of the best airlines to fly in Europe as it uses aircraft with maximum comfortable seating, offers delicious food and drinks, and a lot of entertainment options. The airline has an extensive route network and operates its flights all over Europe, including Norway, Munich, Rome, London, Reykjavik, Dubrovnik, etc. In addition, if you are looking for luxury and premium amenities during the journey, then Lufthansa will be the perfect choice for you.

2. British Airways

No one can deny that they haven’t heard about British Airways. This is one of the most renowned airlines in the aviation industry and is loved by millions of passengers. The airline operates its flights to multiple destinations around the globe, including Norway, London, Edinburgh, and Paris.

British Airways is the most customer-centric airline and takes very good care of its passengers. It offers different cabin classes, from Economy to First Class, so that every passenger can travel with them and experience the amazing flying experience. Additionally, the airline doesn’t compromise on inflight services.

If you are planning to travel with the premium cabin fare, you can expect delicious food, complimentary drinks, the best entertainment, and comfortable seats. There’s a reason why British Airways is loved by many passengers. So, if customer centricity is your first priority, British Airways will be the no. 1 option for you.

3. Swiss International Airlines

From using the most sleek and modern aircraft fleets to providing the best customer service experience, several factors set Swiss International Airlines apart from its competitors. The airline covers more than 100 destinations worldwide, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

It’s easy for Swiss International Airlines to connect to destinations throughout the continent as it builds a strong presence in almost every major European city, including London, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Rome, etc. After flying with Swiss International Airlines, you will be highly satisfied with the offerings, comfortability, and luxurious amenities during the entire journey.

If you are looking for a high-end flight experience to Europe from operational locations around the globe, Swiss International Airlines, with its modern planes and excellent services, is the perfect airline for you.

4. Qatar Airways

Still wondering whether Qatar Airways is the best airline for international travel to Europe? Don’t worry! You are in the perfect place, and you will get all the answers to your questions without jumping to any other website.

Qatar Airways is known for its impeccable services and elegant facilities. The airline’s main focus is on seating comfort, inflight services like food and drinks, and entertainment facilities. The airline uses a complete fleet of modern aircraft, and no aircraft is older than 5 years, making it one of the safest airlines in the flight industry.

The airline is headquartered in Doha, Qatar, with a maximum fleet size of not more than 235 aircraft, covering more than 172 global destinations. Regarding covering the destination in Europe, the airline provides a list of more than 40 cities throughout the continent, including Krakow, Poland, Serbia, Belgrade, and many more. Qatar Airways is worth considering during your trip to Europe if you prefer a combination of convenience, comfort, and luxury.

5. JetBlue Airways

Whenever we look for the most affordable and renowned airlines that are loved by travelers around the world, one name that strikes our mind is JetBlue Airways. The airline is not a new player and has been working for a long time in the industry, offering phenomenal services and unmatchable facilities to all travelers.

It knows how to treat customers to retain them and make them frequent customers. JetBlue operates multiple flights to almost every major European city, such as Paris, London, Amsterdam, etc. Passengers can expect a complimentary inflight high-speed Wi-Fi facility, snacks, drinks, and spacious and comfortable seating.

In addition, passengers will also get lie-flat seats and dining options on selected routes to make their flying experience even more amazing. If you are looking to explore more than just typical tourist spots, JetBlue can be your perfect partner.

6. KLM Airlines

Do you know about the airline named Royal Dutch? It is the other name of KLM Airlines and one of Europe’s most renowned, respected and oldest airlines. If you are a frequent traveler, you will be happy to know that the airline is a founding member of the SkyTeam Alliance network, which also includes other giants, such as Delta and Air France. KLM is one of the airlines that supports sustainability with its full potential and is planning to achieve zero net CO2 emissions by 2050.

Also, a lot of its investment goes into more fuel-efficient aircraft and less wastage inside the cabin. KLM is on the list of only airlines with a strong presence in Europe and operates its flights to multiple destinations throughout the continent, including Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, and Moscow. If you are a fan of Dutch class and prefer luxurious flying, then KLM will be the best airline for European flights.

7. Air France

Wondering whether Air France is one of the best airlines for international travel to Europe or not? If yes, then this section will help you find the answer to the question. Air France is known for its comfortable flight seatings and exceptional services.

The airline combines luxury and elegance and treats its passengers with premium amenities, including mouthwatering French cuisine and inflight entertainment systems of top-notch quality. If you have booked a premium cabin fare, you can expect lie-flat seats, private suites, and much more.

Air France has a huge network, making it one of the airlines covering almost every European destination, including Paris, London, Amsterdam, Nice, Marseille, and Lyon. The airline is a member of SkyTeam Airline Alliance, so you can expect several other benefits while on the journey. If you have a huge list of destinations and are looking for a reputed airline for its awesome services, then Air France can be your best travel partner.

8. Delta Airlines

If you are traveling between the US and Europe on a flight, the first name that comes to mind is Delta Airlines. This is because it is one of the oldest airlines in the world, operating for more than 90 years in the aviation industry. The airline operates plenty of direct flights to many European destinations, including Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Nice, Paris, Rome, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Italy, etc.

The airline operates nearly 260 weekly flights to 29 global destinations in 18 countries. Depending on the cabin fare selected, the airline has much to offer every traveler. Delta Airlines offers multiple options, making it one of the best airlines for European travel.

9. Condor Airlines

Condor is neither an ultra-luxury nor an ultra-low-cost airline. This is one of the main reasons the airline competes with many US market giants. You will be shocked to see the highly competitive prices that Condor Airlines is offering to all passengers, making it one of the best airlines to fly in Europe. The airline operates many direct flights to Germany from the United States.

From Frankfurt alone, Condor Airlines operates multiple flights that cover more than 90 destinations internationally, including Europe. Condor Airlines also allows passengers to book flights with a luxurious business class at an affordable price. No matter whether you want to visit Paris, see the natural beauty of Norway, or learn about the history of Rome, etc. Condor Airlines has got you covered.

10. Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air is considered one of the industry’s award-winning airlines. It offers an exceptional combination of affordability, convenience, and comfort, making it another best option to select as your travel partner for European trips. Norwegian Air uses fleets of modern, fuel-efficient, and high-tech base aircraft to make every traveler’s journey as smooth as possible.

In addition, the airline ensures that booking, check-in, and other facilities are easy for passengers so that they don’t have to face a single issue during the entire journey. If you are planning to travel on a budget, Norwegian Air will be the best option for you, with an extensive network of routes connecting almost all the destinations in the world.

Winding Up!

The above are some of the top 10 best airlines for international travel to Europe. However, you are not limited to the above-mentioned ones; you can explore other airlines that suit your travel needs. From luxurious amenities to comfortable seating, these airlines can make your journey extremely amazing and unforgettable. It offers phenomenal services, delicious food, an extensive network of routes, exceptional customer service, and much more. So, pack your bags and get ready to fly to Europe with your favorite airline.

Learn More!

What are the top 3 airlines to travel to Europe?

Lufthansa, Norwegian, and Delta Airlines are some of the top 3 airlines from which you can travel to Europe.

Which international airline has the most comfortable economy seats?

Lufthansa Airlines is ranked as one of the best airlines offering passengers the most comfortable Economy Seats.

What is the most used airline in Europe?

Lufthansa Airlines is Europe’s most used airline, covering multiple destinations domestically and internationally.

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