When is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

Visiting back to the moments when you first learned about Greece and were awestruck by its beauty, to this time when you have finally got the chance to visit this enchanting place. Finally, you will be able to behold this shimmering, tranquil city with your own eyes. Before you anticipate cutting this destination off your bucket list, you must know a little about this ancient beauty.

When is Greece At It’s Best?

If you ask about the best time to visit Greece, you must change your question. Greece is always at its best to welcome its admirers. ‘When you are ready to experience its beauty’ would be a better question to ask if you are preparing a tour of this location. This Mediterranean country in the Balkans blooms in mesmerizing ways in different seasons. You can decide which aspect of it you wish to see.

Greece In Different Seasons

Depending on your purpose of visiting this destination, you might fancy traveling to Greece in a particular season more than others.

Here’s how Greece feels like in different seasons.

Greece In Spring

Visit Greece In Spring

Imagine the stony white pathways of Greece illuminate as the bright Sun rays fall over its streets, on its floras, and its magnificent ancient monuments at dusk. Visualize yourself soaking in the sun among freshly bloomed flowers, celebrating the beginning of Spring season.

Do you feel captivated by this narrative? You will love how Greece blooms in Spring if you love the several colors of nature and the cheerfulness and life they bring to any scene. Moreover, it gets quieter over time during March and May due to being the shoulder season, which means fewer tourists.

Activities To Do: This season is best to explore Greece over bike rides. Or how about hiking, having a swim in the sea, going for nature walks, or plucking mandarin oranges?

Greece In Summer

If you wish to dive into the culture of Greece and experience its authentic tradition, you must arrive here between June and August. It is the peak traveling season, and all the tourist places here lay their gates open wide and welcome visitors with fervor.

You can take part in summer festivals like “The Athens & Epidaurus Festival,” “Greek Folk Festivals,” and “Festival honoring the Ascension of the Virgin Mary” and learn about Greece’s history and culture.

Visit Greece In Summer

If the heat becomes too unbearable, you can take a dive into the Aegean Sea. You can also play a sport on the sandy beaches alongside the sea with your companions to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Greece During Rain

Greece looks like a paradise when it is dripped in rain. You won’t mind the rain here if you are more of an enthusiast about Greek history and art. In fact, it will set the mood for you as you admire the literature and art of this country in one of its rustic museums and libraries.

So, as long as you are good spending time with ancient paintings and texts, you don’t need to worry about the weather, be it the rain and snowfalls in the coolest months of February. It is even economically favorable to travel in the rainy season. Just make sure to bring your woolens with you.

Greece In Autumn

If you wish to witness the heavenly places of Greece, you will do yourself a favor by visiting this destination in the fall months of September, October, and November. The weather is pleasant during these times, making it perfect for excursions to legendary ancient archaeological sites.

Greece In Winters

If you are not a fan of swimming or strolling by the beaches and prefer quiet walks, cherishing the beautiful streets of Greece, you will love the ambiance here during the winter season from December to February.

Although, due to the off-season, most tourist sites remain closed, you can still find hidden gems. You can make your Christmas and New Year memories amidst the charm of Greece. And the best thing is no heavy crowd will interrupt you during your travel.

Top Best Places To Visit in Greece

So, you know that you want to visit Greece, but you don’t know exactly which location in this country to explore. Have a look at some of the popular destinations of Greece from where you can begin your travel journey.


Your tour of Greece is incomplete until you haven’t been to its capital. Athens is the largest city in Greece and has indeed some interesting attractions you can’t miss out to visit.

  • The Acropolis
  • Temple Of Poseidon
  • Odeon Of Herodes Atticus Theatre
  • The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • The National Gardens


Being in Greece and not hitting the beaches and beholding the beauty of its islands won’t do justice to your travels. Taking your journey to the Santorini island will add magic to your tours. This dreamy destination is perfect for making love or just romanticizing your trip. You can have fun Kayaking by the Aegean Sea, savoring exquisite wines, or going on treks and expeditions.


Once you visit this vibrant city of Greece, you won’t wish to leave. Thessaloniki has everything one needs in their dream life, from delectable dining and fashion varieties to exciting club and movie nights. There are museums for the aficionados of Greek history and classical buildings for those with a fascination for its ancient beauty.


Travel to the northwest of Greece, and you will find the magnificent rock formation called “Meteora.” The region is seeped in tradition, which will introduce you to the religious side of Greece. It is a great place for exploring monasteries, rock climbing, observing sunsets, river rafting, and a lot exciting activities.


Yet another charming location on the list is the city of Crete Island in Greece. One of the highlights of Chania is its vibrant alleys and backstreets. Another is its cuisine. You can grab a bite and reach bliss within seconds. You can visit botanical gardens or follow hiking trails to get closer to nature. You can take small ventures on cruise ships or walk across the beaches to add a touch of excitement to your tours.

Prepare For The Greece Tour

Greece is alluring no matter what angle you see or in which season you visit. When it comes to Greece, any time is indeed the best time to visit this destination. You just need to identify your plans, book your tickets for the season that suits your plans, pack your bags according to the weather, and prepare for an adventure in this destination. Don’t worry, you will have a great time here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best time of year to visit Greece?

Based on what you are looking for in your trip to Greece, you can decide your ideal month for visiting here. Summers are best for sea dives, winters are a good economical option, and fall is great for museum and archaeological site visits.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Greece?

It will cost you a lot less if you fly to Greece in the off-season, that is, in winter between December and February.

What is the most expensive month in Greece?

Visiting Greece from June to August, especially in July, which is the peak traveling season, can lead to a very expensive trip.

When to visit Santorini?

Santorini is the most beautiful in the fall and spring seasons, making it the perfect time to experience the best of this place.

Do they speak English in Greece?

If you are an English speaker visiting Greece, you won’t have a problem as people also speak English there, aside from Greek.

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