What Airlines Allow Large Dogs in the Cabin?

Traveling is an exciting adventure that most people enjoy. Of course, people want their pets to tag along, as they want their pets to enjoy the world just like they do. But traveling with your furry friends requires a lot of care and planning. Fortunately, many airlines allow people to travel with dogs. While many airlines allow small and lightweight dogs, there are only a few airlines that allow traveling with large dogs.

Here, we will discuss some commercial and semi-private airlines that allow large dogs in the cabin. This will definitely cost a lot of money but will be worth it. So, let’s cut to the chase without wasting any time.

Criteria for taking your large dogs in the cabin

According to the regulations, many airlines consider small dogs to be those weighing less than or up to 20 pounds, which includes the pet carrier, and large dogs to be those weighing over 22 pounds. Most airlines expect a dog to be at least eight weeks old at the time of flying, as dogs younger than that can be a bit fragile.

Here’s a list of all the airlines that allow large dogs in the cabin of their flights:

1. JSX Airlines

JSX Airlines is a semi-private carrier that runs domestic flights, mainly in the Southern United States. They offer two types of tickets: hop-on and all-in. They allow dogs up to 65 lbs on their flights. Dog owners must accompany their dogs all the time. If a dog is too big to fit in an authorized under-seat pet carrier, owners must buy an additional seat at the current available price; in this case, the dog can lie on the floor in front of the seat.

JSX Pet Policy for large dogs

  • Dogs are allowed to take up the floor area in front of an adjacent seat, but the client must purchase one additional seat. Market pricing affects seat prices, which must be paid at the going rate for hop-on and all-in tickets.
  • The dog owners must leash their dogs all the time.
  • The dog must weigh around 79 pounds or less.
  • Dogs must be well-mannered, and prior to boarding, the JSX Pet Acceptance Liability Form is to be handed in.
  • If the dog or customer exhibits hostile or disruptive behavior, their travel privileges may be denied.
  • A single flight may allow a maximum of five dogs to ride in the cabin. JSX may not allow any further pets or pets that don’t fit the standards to board.

2. Aero Airlines

Aero is a semi-private airline established in the United States that schedules flights from Los Angeles to Aspen, Sun Valley, Las Vegas, and Jackson Hole.

All Aero planes operating in the US are welcome to accommodate well-behaved pets. Dogs exceeding 20 pounds are classified as medium or giant. If you have a large dog on a flight, you must buy an additional full-priced seat for your companion. Reservations can be made through their advisory team.

Aero Pet Policy for large dogs

  • Your dog’s weight is not limited, but you must ensure it remains seated and well-mannered throughout the flight.
  • Your dog must be at least 4 months old.
  • It is necessary for dogs to be able to hold their urine for the whole flight.
  • It is not acceptable for a single passenger to travel with a pet and a baby without the assistance of another passenger.

3. Tradewind Aviation

Based in Connecticut, Tradewind Aviation offers scheduled and on-demand flight service across the United States and the Caribbean. They travel by air to several locations in the US, including Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Rhode Island, and Stowe, Vermont. Additionally, they travel to more far-flung Caribbean destinations, including St. Barthes, San Juan Anguilla, Antigua, and St. Thomas.

Tradewind Pet Policy for large dogs

  • All sizes of pets are permitted to travel, even large-breed dogs.
  • Each flight is limited to one pet-owning party.
  • Buying an extra seat is necessary if your dog is over 100 pounds.

4. Surf Air

Surf Air is a jet membership service that operates all over the United States. Access to their scheduled flight inventory costs $199 per month, while an unlimited flight plan membership costs $3,000. With numerous hubs in Texas and California and a few more in other states, Surf Air is headquartered in Los Angeles.

Dogs are allowed to travel on Surfair as long as they are well-behaved and wearing a harness. However, your dog will require an additional seat, which you will need to buy.

Surf Air Pet Policy for large dogs

  • All dogs must be at least 4 months old and properly vaccinated. It should not weigh more than 100 pounds.
  • If the airlines allow a second animal, the weight of both the animals must not exceed 100 pounds.
  • You must ensure that your dog is well-mannered and does not pose any threat to the passengers.
  • At all times, you have to make sure your dog is securely chained.
  • If a dog doesn’t stay in a kennel, they need to be tied using a quick-release leash.
  • Large dogs may use a seat provided they are harnessed, and the passenger requests it in writing when they book the flight. This is only possible if the passenger has acquired a Single-Use Flight Pass for the dog.

5. Blade Airlines

BLADE provides public and private chartered flights to any destination, as well as seat-by-seat scheduled flights throughout the United States. In addition to jets, what sets BLADE apart from the competition is its fleet of seaplanes, turboprops, and helicopters.

Your dog is welcome to travel on any of BLADE’s fleets. For helicopters, seaplanes, and turboprops, you should budget $95 for dogs 25 pounds or less and an additional seat for heavier dogs. It’s necessary to purchase an additional ticket for jet trave, which costs $300 for dogs up to 35 pounds.

Blade Pet Policy on Helicopter, Seaplanes and Turboprops

  • Dogs under 25 pounds are allowed to travel in carriers on their owners’ laps on by-the-seat flights at BLADE Airport for a $50 pet fee.
  • Dogs The owner of a large dog (more than 25 pounds) must buy the dog an extra seat when traveling in the cabin.
  • There can be a maximum of 2 pets per passenger. An extra seat for the second pet will be charged.
  • There are no additional costs for pets on charted flights.

Blade Pet Policy on Jets

  • Each passenger is allowed to bring a dog weighing under 35 pounds, paying an extra $300. For someone with more than one dog, you will need to buy an additional seat.
  • Dogs must wear a leash; carriers are not necessary.

Do Commerical airlines allow traveling with large dogs in the Cabin?

Most commercial airlines allow small dogs inside the cabin. However, some airlines allow dogs weighing more than 20 pounds. Spirit Airlines and La Compagnie are the commercial airlines that do allow large dogs to travel in the cabin. To know more details, contact the airline.

Basic advice for taking a dog on an airplane

We have put up a useful guide with general suggestions to follow while flying with your dog to help alleviate the stress of taking your large dog on flights.

Get your dog examined by a vet before travel 

Make sure your dog is safe to fly at all times. Veterinarians may examine your dog and provide you with breed-specific guidance and information, which can be quite beneficial. They will consider the behavioral and medical history of your giant dog to provide you with the best advice possible.

Dogs who are exhausted are content dogs

To assist your big dog in getting tired and possibly sleeping through the flight, make sure your dog has had some exercise before leaving for the airport. 

Never sedate your Dog

The majority of airlines never permit passengers to fly with a sedated dog, which may come as a surprise. This is because sedation can change your dog’s breathing patterns, which makes traveling dangerous, especially if they’re in a strange place. 

Don’t feed your dog for 4 hours before departure

The majority of airlines advise against feeding your dog within four hours of your flight’s departure, so keep that in mind when you go. Not feeding your dog four hours before your travel can lessen your dog’s risk of motion sickness and the possibility that your large dog will need to use the restroom.


Flying with a large dog can be tiring, but the airlines stated above will provide the best experiences and facilities if you want to bring your furry friends along.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do any airlines allow large dogs in the cabin?

Most airlines allow only small dogs inside their cabins. However, some semi-private airlines, mentioned above do allow large dogs in cabins.

How can I purchase an extra seat for my large dog?

By paying extra money, you can buy a seat for your large dog.

How do you fly internationally with a large dog?

If you want to travel internationally with your dog, you will need additional vaccinations or forms. You will also need an International Air Transport Association-approved crate filled with chew toys and other items.

How much is a flight reservation for a large dog?

Generally, airlines charge around $100 to $200 each way, but it may vary depending on where you are traveling and which airline you are boarding.

How can I take my dog on a plane for free?

Only fully trained service dogs are allowed to fly for free, regardless of their size.

Should you feed the dog before the flight?

It is recommended to feed your dog 4 hours before departure as a full stomach might be uncomfortable for your dog during travel.

How many pets can one person fly with?

A maximum of two pets per traveler, each in its own carrier, is allowed. To bring a second pet, a second seat and pet fee must be paid.

Can I hold my dog during takeoff?

It is impossible to take your dog on your lap unless s/he is very small and fits in an extremely small carrier, as the airline doesn’t allow pets to be removed from the carrier.

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