Ways Of Packing Car Seats For Checked Baggage Effectively

If your adorable child is also part of your next departure, then one thing you should care about is the child’s safety. It is very important to be careful about your child’s safety, as traveling by air is not a piece of cake, especially when an innocent soul is going to accompany you.

For air traveling, the car seat is an essential item that you should not miss out on by any chance because it provides comfort and safety to the child. So, in order to bring that, we have shared some methods on how you can pack the car seat for checked baggage and lock the safety for your child.

1. Pack The Car Seat In The Original Box

If you want to leave zero space for damage, the best way to pack the car seat for checked baggage is in its original box, the one in which it was delivered. This will help you protect the car seat. You can also add some additional stuff to it to provide more protection.

Packing Car Seats

2. Be Aware Of The Airline’s Guidelines Regarding Car Seats

It is very important to know the airline’s guidelines before packing the car seat for the checked baggage. You must be aware of some important factors, such as the maximum measurement of car seats allowed. Are there any restrictions on any selected matter of car seats? Is the check-in of the car seats free, and other important queries? By this, you can avoid unnecessary chaos and expenses while heading towards your seat.

3. Carry Cheap Car Seats For Traveling

Does it sound good to bring a heavy and expensive car seat, especially when you are going to travel with your family? Obviously not because it could get damaged or have the highest chance of being lost. So, it is better to carry a cheap car seat, and it will hurt less if you somehow lose it. It will also provide you ease in all those panic situations that usually occur while having an air journey with kids.

4. Have A Car Seat Bag

If you have lost the original box of the car seat, then you can rely on a car seat bag. You can easily get it from wheels or backpack straps. It will help you in making your journey a lot easier and happier. Totally relying on baggage handlers is not a good idea. Therefore, you must have a good car seat bag with good padding. It will protect the car seat from damage.

5. Get Profit From Extra Space

If you are checking in the car seat, then it is a good idea to use that extra space inside the box. You can keep many things inside that extra space, such as kids’ toys, clothes, and many more. It will also help protect the car seat from damage, and you can travel without worries. So take advantage of the extra space and protect your car seat.

Packing Car Seats For Extra Space

Tips For Bringing A Car Seat On Board

Well, some of you might be thinking of carrying a car seat on board, but do you know what type of car seat you are allowed to carry? If not, the car seats that are allowed to be brought inside the airplane must be FAA-approved. If you have FAA approval for your car seat, then you can easily carry it inside the plane.

If your car seat is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, you will notice an FAA-approved sticker on it, which is required while checking. If you have an FAA-approved car seat but there is no proof sign, you can bring proof of approval from the manufacturer and present it in front of the air staff inside the plane.

This will help you in carrying the car effortlessly and will provide more protection to your children throughout the journey.

Have Adjustable And Good Size Car Seats

If you have a car seat that is adjustable or can fit in an overhead compartment, then you are free to carry it inside the plane. Do not bring enormous car seats with you as the car seat will not fit in the overhead compartment, and you have to drop it for gate check, which means dirt and damage. So, try to bring the car seat that can easily be in the overhead compartment and can easily cancel the interaction between you and the gate agent.


A car seat is a must for a safe and secure journey with your child, and you can bring it with the help of all the methods that we have described. You can go through all the details mentioned above and take your next step according to that. This will surely bring comfort for you and your child and keep it consistent throughout the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you pack a baby car seat for checked baggage?

You can use many things, such as an original box, a well-padded bag, a plastic lawn bag, and more. These will help you protect the car seat from dust and damage.

Do car seats get damaged when checked?

Yes, the probability of car seat damage is very high, whether you have packed the car seat well or not. Even after good packing, there is no guarantee that you will get the car seat in good condition.

Can a car seat be taken in flight?

Yes, you can carry a car seat in flight, but it must be certified for an aircraft. For example, it should be FAA approved.

Can you pack extra things in a car seat bag?

Yes, extra things can be packed in a car seat bag. This will help you eliminate extra luggage, keep your hands free, and protect your car seat throughout the journey.

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