KLM Airlines Luanda Office in Angola

KLM Airlines Luanda Office in Angola

If you are a frequent flyer, travel abroad for business purposes on a monthly basis, and are looking to book a ticket with a budget airline because you lack money. 

You can discuss your scenario with KLM Airlines Luanda Office in Angola. You can also start your conversation with the office staff on other important terms that help you save money, such as frequent flyer programs, award tickets economy class, red-eye flights, and more.

Locate KLM Airlines Luanda Address Here 

To reach the KLM Airlines on time and solve all your flight-related queries, you can look at the address mentioned below. This will help you arrange all the things on time without compromising your schedule.

  • Address: Avenida 4 de Fevereiro n°123 C.P Box Luanda – Angola.

Get in Touch with the Office Staff

Look no further to improve your travel journey experience when KLM Airlines Luanda office in Angola is nearby you. It is easy to get in touch with the Luanda office. You can go through the contact details mentioned below.

  • Contact Number: +244 923 165 470/1800 4193 044/+31 20 474 7747/+31 20 – 545 9723.
  • Office Hours: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm (Monday – Friday) Closed on Weekend and Public Holidays.

Aerodrome Map & Contact Particulars

Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport (Luanda),
Ñlio. Dtfralio Sesa, Luanda, Angola

Headquarter Details Of KLM Airlines

If you do not want to rush here and there for solutions to your travel-related queries, then you should head to the head office of KLM Airlines. All the airline representatives present there will tell you about everything related to the important tasks of air travel. You can also initiate a discussion on your queries from your end. 

Operating Hours Of The Office 

If you want all the answers to your queries in a single visit, then it is important to visit the KLM Airlines head office in (Angola) during operating hours.

To gather all the information and clear your doubts on time, arrange some time to visit the office before the takeoff. 

Amenities For The Passengers 

Services play a crucial role in enhancing passengers’ comfort. The more you know about the available amenities, the more you will enhance the quality of your air travel. To make your journey sound more interesting and rejuvenating, look at all the services provided by KLM Airlines. 

Medical assistance Cancellation of Flight Tickets 
In-flight Meals Seat Preference 
Pet Travel Guidelines In-flight Wifi
Complimentary Food and Beverages Availability of Wheelchair
Nearby Lounges Unaccompanied Minor Assistance 
Amenities kitBaggage Allowance
Group Travel Options Non-smoking Areas 
Reservation of Flight TicketsTravel Insurance
Priority Check-in Flight Status Updates 
Online and Offline Check-in Onboard Entertainment 

Reserve A Flight With KLM Airlines

If you plan to fly with KLM Airlines, you can freely visit KLM Airline’s office and ask how to book a flight ticket. You can also ask about the discounts and perks that can be availed while booking a flight. You can also compare the prices of different cabin classes on KLM Airlines and choose the class that best suits your requirements. 

Collect Belongings At Lost And Found 

All passengers who have lost their important stuff can find it at KLM Airlines lost and found desk. 

Every member present at the desk assists the passenger politely by writing down the important details about the stuff that helps them find it on an early basis. Through this, it becomes easy to provide ease to the passengers.

Mense Assistance To Deal With Emergencies 

A flight consists of various types of passengers ranging from children, youngsters, elders, patients, disabled travelers and many more. There is a facility for providing medicines to every kind of passenger, according to their needs. So, if it is hard to deal with the different altitudes of the flight or you have motion sickness, you can consult with the staff present to assist the passengers medically. 

Sum up!

You can also contact the staff if you are stuck in such circumstances. With the help of all the details provided here, you can easily get in touch with the office. Whether your query concerns the baggage allowance, awards tickets, priority check-in, itinerary services, or other services, you will always be greeted well at the KLM Airlines Luanda office. So do not hesitate to get back when you have queries to solve and make your journey better than the previous one. 

People Also Asked!

What is the official email address of the head office of KLM Airlines? 

The official Head Office Address of KLM Airlines is (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
P.O. Box 7700
1117 ZL Schiphol
The Netherlands). ). 

What is the address of the KLM Airline‘s Luanda office in Angola?

The address of the Luanda office of KLM Airlines is (Avenida 4 de Fevereiro n°123 C.P Box Luanda – Angola). 

Do KLM Airlines have lost and found desks at the airport? 

Yes, KLM Airlines has lost and found desks at the airport. If you lose your bag, then you can easily inform the lost and found desk. The staff will surely assist you.

What are the contact details of the KLM Airlines Luanda Office in Angola? 

The contact details of the KLM Airlines office in Luanda are mentioned below:- +244 923 165 470/1800 4193 044/+31 20 474 7747/+31 20 – 545 9723. 

What are the operating hours of the KLM Airlines Office Luanda in (Angola)?

The operating hours of the KLM Airlines Office Luanda in Angola are (8:00 am – 3:30 pm (Monday – Friday) Closed on Weekend and Public Holidays.). 

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