Virgin Atlantic Bengaluru Office in India

Virgin Atlantic Bengaluru Office in India

Passengers traveling with Virgin Atlantic will be going to witness the ultimate services and facilities they are offering. Whether you are planning to travel domestically or internationally, the airline provides you with an unforgettable experience not only inside the cabin but also at the airport. If you have any doubts related to your next flight, you can visit the Virgin Atlantic Bengaluru Office in India to fix all your issues instead of arriving at the airport every single time.

This page will help you resolve all your queries and get all the relevant information that will be useful for you during the entire journey. In addition, don’t forget to carry all your essential documents such as passport, identity card, etc. 

Basic Details About Office

No matter whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, keeping all the essential information will always help you tackle any unwanted hassle. Once you are all set to leave your place to the Bengaluru office, carry the below-mentioned information to avoid asking everyone for the same:

Virgin Atlantic Bengaluru Office in India Address

Confused where to find the Bengaluru office of Virgin Atlantic? No problem! You are on the right page as it includes all the information about the Bengaluru office nearby. Whether you want to make a reservation or want an immediate check-in service, the office has got you covered. Remember to check the operational hours before leaving your place:

  • Address: Bengaluru, India.
  • Phone Number: +44 (0) 344 811 0000/+44 (0) 344 874 774
  • Operational Hours: Everyday 24×7.

Airstrip Contact Specifics

Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru
KIAL Rd, Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560300.

Phone Number: 08022012001


Flight Matters Handled by Virgin Atlantic

If you are traveling with Virgin Atlantic, you can expect a number of high-quality services and facilities all in a single place. After arriving at the Virgin Atlantic Bengaluru Office, head to any of the desired service counters, where all your issues will be resolved in no time. In case of any doubt, you can reach out to any of the guest care staff available at the office. Here is the list of services you can get at your nearest Virgin Atlantic Office:

  • Flight Reservation: Booking a flight is not a hassle anymore. The Bengaluru office is the perfect place for all your queries and you’ll be facing not a single problem there. You can head to any of the reservation desks and request to book a flight on your behalf.
  • Elegance Seating: No matter whether traveling domestically or internationally, all the aircraft have a high-build quality cabin and comfortable seating for an enjoyable journey.
  • Inflight Services: Virgin Atlantic offers dedicated inflight entertainment services and delicious meals depending on the cabin fare selected. The airline offers different cuisines in meals and provides a number of movies, TV shows, etc., for non-stop entertainment while flying. 
  • Check-in Facility: Don’t know what to do after making a reservation? No worries! You have to complete the check-in process and get the boarding pass to onboard the flight. In addition, you can easily avoid the long queues and last-minute rush by simply visiting the airport a little early and getting the check-in process done with no issues. 
  • Unaccompanied Minor Service: Traveling with a child can sometimes cause unwanted stress for the passengers. It’s natural, but Virgin Atlantic is there to relieve all your tension by providing a dedicated unaccompanied minor service. The guest care staff will always be there to help you in all possible ways and assure the complete safety of the child. 
  • Special Support: You can directly connect with the airline’s staff and request for a special assistance service. It is a dedicated, caring service for the patients traveling with Virgin Atlantic who need additional assistance. You can inform the airline in advance and place a request for all the necessary things that you need such as a wheelchair, medication facility, and priority boarding. 
  • Baggage Allowance: Before packing your bags, make sure to know everything about the baggage allowance and restrictions. Your luggage must be within limits. Otherwise, the airline may either reject the luggage or charge extra from you extra. Remember that travel with light luggage will always be the best option. 
  • Lost & Found Counter: Lost & Found Facility: Luggage is missing? No problem! Once you are at the airport, you can immediately head towards the lost and found counter, where you can file a complaint about the missing bags. The counter staff will start finding your bags as soon as the complaint is filed. You’ll get timely updates about the status from the ground staff, and they will inform you once the luggage is found. 

Baggage Allowance

Oversize baggage chargesCabin baggageOverweight baggage charges
Checked baggageExcess baggage chargesView Airlines Hand

Aircrafts In Service

Fleet Size-39

  • Airbus A330-300
  • Airbus A340-600
  • Airbus A350-1000
  • Airbus A380-800
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing 747-401
  • Boeing 787-8
  • Boeing 787-9

Virgin Atlantic Head Office Information

No matter what the issue is, if you are traveling with Virgin, you’ll get everything you need at the head office while traveling. You can directly call the head office staff and ask them about all the issues you are facing. You can also share them about your current booking and get all the updated information about the same. Here are the contact details for the head office: 


Whether you have a baggage issue, a problem making a reservation, or any confusion about the check-in process, the Virgin Atlantic Bengaluru Office in the India will be the perfect place for all your queries. In addition, the office staff will always be there to help you in any difficult situation. Grab all the information mentioned on this page to avoid any unwanted, stressful surprises. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I connect with Virgin Atlantic through online mode?

Yes, you can easily connect with Virgin Atlantic online mode via call, text, or email. 

What is the address of Virgin Atlantic Office in Bengaluru?

You can visit the Bengaluru Office Of Virgin Atlantic at (Bengaluru, India). 

Is there any official website of Virgin Atlantic?

The official Website of Virgin Atlantic is ( 

What are the operating hours of Virgin Atlantic? 

The operating hours of Virgin Atlantic are (Everyday 24×7).

Does Virgin Atlantic Bengaluru Office have check-in counters?

Yes, you can easily find a number of check-in counters at the Virgin Atlantic Office Bengaluru.

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