Lion Air Padang Office in Indonesia

Lion Air Padang Office in Indonesia

Millions of thoughts get in the way and lead your path to your destination when you keep the information as an option instead of making it the priority. Do you think it should be done? Well, no, right! If you feel that the information must be the base of the planned itinerary, then the Lion Air Padang office in Indonesia is not so far from your reach. From check-in counters allowing us to proceed further, to heading towards a peaceful and safe climax along with our bags, for every step, you will get assistance from the staff.

Lion Air Padang Office Address Info

You can address your issues at the Padang office of Lion Air and have a session with the staff to figure out the root of the issue so that you can work on it on time. The visit to the office should be during operating hours so that you can understand things properly without letting others compromise your schedule and system. 

Below are all the details, which you can review thoroughly for reference: 

  • Address: Jl. Taman Siswa No. 1A Padang 25139, Indonesia
  • Contact Number: +62 0751 448 2999
  • Email ID:
  • Working Hours: Every day – 24hrs

Airport Information & Map

Minangkabau International Airport
676M+97G, Katapiang, Batang Anai, Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra 25586, Indonesia

Airport Phone No: +62751819123

Lion Air Head Quarters Contact Details

If you think you haven’t got the solution to your queries yet and are ready to connect with the helpers, then the head office of Lion Air must be on the list of those places that you are going to visit on an early basis. If you think that visiting there is not possible, then you can connect them online too. To do so, have a look at all the details mentioned below. 

Types of Planes

  • Airbus A310-300
  • Airbus A330-300
  • Boeing 737-900
  • Boeing 737 MAX 9
  • Boeing 747-400
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-82
  • Boeing 737-200
  • Boeing 737-400
  • Boeing 737-300
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 737 MAX 8
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-83

Services Offered For Your Comfort

If you are ready to take off with Lion Air, then do not miss out on their assistance and services. They assist millions of passengers with their top-notch and tailored services, and this is what makes them stand out of the crowd. Some of the best services of the airline have been elaborated below. 

  1. Reserve Flight Seat

If you have made plans to travel worldwide, then you can reserve your seat with the help of the Padang office staff. You can ask them about the formalities that are important to be completed on time. You can also ask them for other things that can minimize the price of your flight ticket.

  1. Share Flight Seat With Your Pet 

We know that you love your pet’s cozy company and want to bring it with you on your next departure. You can speak with the office staff about how to have it and what the guidelines are for bringing it without making a mess. From the menu to the kennel, ask anything from the staff. 

  1. Get Updates On Your Flight 

The Padang office can help you get updates on your flight, such as departure, arrival, schedule, delays, etc. This will help you stay up-to-date and avoid undesired situations like missing a flight, disturbing your schedule, rebooking, and much more. 

  1. Know How To Pack Your Bag 

A Lot of passengers don’t pay attention to knowing what the checked baggage allowance and carry-on baggage allowance are. This upsets them and forces them to leave their bags on the ground before departure. It is because they were not able to differentiate what should be inside the flight from what should be outside.  

Baggage Allowance

Oversize baggage chargesView Airlines HandChecked baggage
Excess baggage chargesCabin baggageOverweight baggage charges
  1. Limited Mobility 

If you need special assistance for your friend or loved one who has limited mobility, you can contact the Padang office. You can ask them about the wheelchairs that are available for disabled passengers. The staff will let you know how to get them on time and provide a hassle-free journey for him or her.

Queries Answered!

What are the contact details of the Lion Air Padang office in Indonesia? 

The contact number of the Padang office are +62 0751 448 2999. 

What is the official Email ID of the head office of Lion Air?

The official Email ID of the head office is

I want to bring my sports equipment to the flight. What to do?

You can ask about the baggage allowance of the airline with the Padang office staff.

When can I visit the head office to ask queries related to my next departure?

You can visit the office during Mon-Fri: 9 am-5 pm, Sun-Sat: 24hrs to get the solutions. 

Can I visit the Lion Air Headquarters on Sunday?

Yes, you can, as their office is open for 24 hours on Sunday. 

Lion Air Offices Other Locations

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