Cathay Pacific Cape Town Office In South Africa

Cathay Pacific Cape Town Office In South Africa

Do you have your future trips with Cathay Pacific? You can make your journey memorable with the top notch amenities that the Cathay Pacific Cape Town Office in South Africa render. Get to experience the best hospitality and assistance from the professional staff of the Cape Town office, who constantly work to provide its travelers with the best trip they can ever experience.

Furthermore, it is mandatory for you to keep connected with the office to get assistance, as you never know when you will need it. It is not always important that you have a smooth journey, right? In those times, you need the assistance of someone who will resolve all your queries. 

Cathay Pacific Cape Town Office-Get Connect!

To confirm a seamless trip experience, get to know the local office staff; they will be of support to you on your journey. To make sure that your question is answered clearly, all you need to do is get in contact with the office staff if you need help or explication while traveling. You want the best assistance possible because nobody wants to travel with anxiousness. The information you need to keep with you is listed below. 

  • Office Address- Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Contact Details- +27 (21) 672 2368/+800 2747 3333.
  • Operating Hours- Every day: 9 am–7 pm

Contact Details & Map Of Aerodrome

Cape Town International Airport
Matroosfontein, Cape Town, 7490, South Africa

Phone Number: +27219371200

Service Offerings At Cathay Pacific Cape Town Office

The Cathay Pacific provides transients with various facilities they can use during their air journey. Many travelers face issues just because they are not aware of the assistance that the Cape Town office offers. And you do not want to be a part of that crowd, right? Therefore, we have shared all the necessary information with you.

Ticket BookingReservationsMake travel plans
Know your routesCancellation of tickets In-flight entertainment
Pet travelUnaccompanied minors Wheelchair Assistance
On-board meals Amenities at loungesPre-flight procedures 
Baggage Details In-flight WiFiPayment Details
Meet and Greet AreaTerminal InfoParking
Delayed or Damaged baggageVisa and Passport Fight timings 
Medical Aid Latest discounts and offers Extra baggage allowance
Duty-free shops Retails stores Airport Details 

Lost and Found Desk

Losing luggage is a very common thing one can do during a journey. It is often a reason behind the stress for passengers. You can avoid such worries with the lost and found desk of the Cathay Pacific. If you lost something, connect with the staff members at the counter and give a detailed definition of your item. They will surely register your complaint and start searching immediately. 

Options For Check-in 

You will agree that check-in is one of the most important parts of your journey. If you are facing any issues with it, you can reach out to the Cathay Pacific Cape Town Office officials for guidance. Whether you need help booking-in online or at the airport, the helpful staff will assist you throughout the process. And once you complete your check-in, you can easily obtain your boarding pass and then go ahead with your travel. 

Upgrade Your Seats

Suppose you have booked an economy seat but later decide to go with business class; you can do so with the local office staff of the Cathay Pacific. You can visit the airport ticketing counter or follow the procedure online. In both cases, the officials will be ready to assist you, letting you know about the seats available and the additional fees you must pay. Get to enjoy the premium services with your upgraded tickets. 

Flight Updates

It is hard for someone who is super busy in their daily life to keep track of your flight updates. For this, you can easily contact the Cape Town office staff and catch up with the latest information on air travel. They will inform you about any changes regarding flight timings, delays, cancellations, etc. You can also ask them about your arrival and departure terminal and the amenities you will get inside them.

Cathay Pacific Headquarter Information

You should always carry the head office details with you, as you might need them during your journey. You can either visit them or connect with them via phone, text, email, or the official website. The representatives will try their best to resolve your queries. 

Let’s Conclude!

If you want to resolve your queries, make sure to contact the Cathay Pacific Cape Town Office in South Africa. The helpful office staff will provide guidance throughout your trip and will ensure you get the best experience. 

People Often Ask

What is the official website of the Cathay Pacific?

The official website of the Cathay Pacific:

How can I contact the staff of the Cathay Pacific Cape Town Office in South Africa?

To connect with the local staff of the Cathay Pacific, you can visit their office during working hours or call, text, or email them. 

Can I connect with Cathay Pacific anytime during 24 hours?

The operating hours of the Airlines is Every day – 24hrs.

Where is Cathay Pacific head office located?

Cathay Pacific head office is located in Cathay Pacific City, 8 Scenic Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong.

What is the Cape Town office address of Cathay Pacific in the South Africa?

You can easily find the Cape Town office of Cathay Pacific at (Cape Town, South Africa). 

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